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2015 server software

I wrote a piece at the very end of 2014 saying that early this year I would ship a bunch of "little focused server apps that do one thing well." I called them "snacks," because the first ones were little cool utilities you could use quickly. Not a full meal, but a nice appetizer perhaps or a dessert.

The last one, nodeStorage, I knew would be a little deep, perhaps esoteric, so I rolled them out roughly in order of immediate utility, or as Colbert might say, snackyness. Sorry.

Here are the apps...

At this point, most of them are out there, so it made sense to list them so that people could see them all in one place. It gives me something to point to when I talk about the collection of apps. So here they are:

  1. nodeStorage -- a simple Amazon S3 storage system based on Twitter identity implemented in Node.js.

  2. pagePark -- a folder-based HTTP server that serves static and dynamic pages.

  3. nodeRunner -- a Node.js app that runs scripts every second, minute, hour or day, each group in its own folder. Great when used with Dropbox or equivalent.

  4. tweetsToRss -- a Node.js app that periodically reads a Twitter account and generates a high-quality RSS feed from it. Can be configured to process multiple accounts into multiple feeds.

  5. listicle -- the software used in the Cluetrain listicle.

  6. macwrite -- a simple demo app for nodeStorage.

River4 etc

These are just the apps I've released in the last month. I was pretty busy during the previous year (2014). You can see all my open source releases on the index page on GitHub.

Still diggin!

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