Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 10:18 AM

Knicks basketball is back!

I loved watching the Knicks game last night. I know they only beat the lowly Orlando Magic, but they won, and it was a nice game, played with heart, by both sides. That's fundamentally what I get out of basketball. Winning is great for sure, but it really isn't why I watch. I love the SPORT.

I especially like the personal side of the sport. The Knicks weren't led out of the slump by a veteran star elite player. No! They were led by three players on ten-day contracts. The heart of it.

I also like that the Knicks management knew these three guys would make a difference. I think that must be Phil Jackson's basketball IQ at work. These are the guys we got in exchange for JR and Iman, and some technical stuff I don't fully grok.

I also think it's great that Melo played with the new crew, and was willing to pass the ball when he was double-teamed, and that Galloway hit another clutch three pointer when it mattered.

For the last couple of months the Knicks have been disintegrating, spectacularly. I kept watching, if only to see how far they could go before hitting bottom. I can't say for sure that this is real, but there are signs of life. I still have the paper bag on my head, but I can perhaps see a day when I take it off.

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