Monday, June 15, 2015 at 11:04 AM

Should LeBron be MVP even if the Cavs lose?

In a word, no. He's a force of nature. A wonderful leader and role model. An amazing basketball player. But not the series MVP.

As any player will tell you, the competition is about winning, as a team, and if your team doesn't win, you might have been valuable, but you're not the most valuable. Almost by definition.

So you know where my loyalties lie, I've been rooting for the Cavs because they feel very much like the Knicks, grown up and working right. With leadership, not dabblers and daydreamers. People with their bodies in the actual game, on the court, and driving to victory.

I love LeBron for making JR Smith and Iman Shumpert better players. I hope the team stays together next year and thereafter, so he can work his magic with their talent. They weren't getting that on the Knicks, obviously. There were times when the Knicks did bring out the spark they both have, basically when they had older players around who could teach them. Melo is not that guy. But Jason Kidd was. And Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin, lots of them. The Knicks loaded up on veterans. I didn't understand why then, but I do now, now that I've seen what a difference teaming with LeBron has made. JR is a great technical player but he gets lost in his own mind (famously). And Iman is a very young player, with lots of talent. I could go on and on about this for pages.

Imho, the obvious choice for MVP is Steph Curry, that is, if the Warriors win, and I want to keep emphasizing that, it hasn't happened yet. It might not turn out that way. All it has to take imho is JR Smith having two halfs like yesterday's first half. At home, in Cleveland that would have made the game turn out the other way, and we would be having a different conversation. With JR hitting his threes, the Cavs would be unstoppable.

Ooops, I promised not to talk more about the Cavs/Knicks.

Steph Curry should win, because he was the difference in all the games the Warriors won. It was his spark, the dramatic beautiful shots. He is the most elegant, smooth, smart and lethal point guard I've ever seen. He's poetry in motion, when it's working. But he's also young, and it's easy to get inside his head, and make all that confidence work against the elegance. To be the Curry he must be to win the title, he had to sober up. He has. Now we get to the real part of the competition. It really is not over. Not yet.

But if it is, and the Warriors win tomorrow, the way they won on Sunday, the creative and interesting choice for MVP, that says something about how the game really works, would be, please hear me out, Andre Iguodala. Until they started him, the Warriors couldn't get around the Cavs on defense, they couldn't get good enough looks for their bomb throwers. With him in the game, they still had a lot of trouble, but they got just enough further for Curry to take his ridiculous circus shots, that happen to go in.

If "most valuable" means "made the difference" then it really is Iguodala.

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