Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 11:55 AM

Editing APIs for Wikis?

Blog editing APIs

One of the things we did in the early blogging days was come up with a web API that made it possible to hook up a desktop editor to a blog. This allowed the full fidelity of the graphic desktop to be applied to blog post editing.

There were a few iterations of this API before we arrived at the Metaweblog API, which was supported by all the major blogging tools, Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress and my own products, Radio UserLand and Manila.

Editing APIs for Wikis?

So if blogs have editing APIs, are there equivalent APIs for wikis??

I did a little searching and asked a few friends, and so far, I don't think they came together as well as they did in the blogging world, but it seems there would be value creating the link between desktop editors and wiki software on a server. I could hook up an outliner, for example, to the GitHub wiki. Or to Ward Cunningham's new Federated Wiki. If the goal is to get the RSS and blogging worlds and everything that's adjacent to them to hook up with the Wiki world, it seems that editing APIs might a promising place to start.

So let's figure this out. What's out there to build on, or to serve as prior art?

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