Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 6:42 PM

Uber is not so great

I posted this on Facebook on Sunday, and sent it to Uber via email. Haven't heard back from them.

I didn't rent a car in Seattle last week, I thought I'd do better with Uber.

I took a total of three trips, one of them was pretty bad, and the other two were fine.

The bad one involved two drivers.

The first car smelled of cigarettes

The first car that arrived smelled of cigarette smoke. As a former smoker, I don't like the smell of cigarettes, especially stale smoke. I told the driver that he should probably have smoked outside, not in the car, and I asked if I could get out of the car and get another ride. They charged me for the ride, even though we didn't go anywhere, but I sent an email asking that they issue a credit and they did.

The driver of the second car drove to the wrong place

The second car smelled okay, but the driver took me to the wrong address way out in Woodinville. As he was pulling away, after I got out of the car, I realized I wasn't where I was supposed to be and got back in the car, told him about the mistake, and requested that he drive me to the correct address.

He said that I would have to pay for another trip. I said that was wrong, because I had given Uber the correct address, and verified it, and showed him, over and over. But he seemed to forget each time and kept demanding that I pay. I told him I was going to rate him at one star, he said I shouldn't threaten him, and I said that wasn't a threat, that was my right. So he took me there.

It was a good thing I had some time to kill at the airport just now, otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed that he requested that Uber charge me for the extra trip, and they did. Although to their credit, the email did say I could contest it. Of course I did.

Under normal circumstances I never would have noticed the email with the extra fare, so I decided to write this up publicly. Two bad Uber rides in one day. I haven't used Uber that much, but I've never rated a driver anything other than 5. Two one-star ratings in one day. Not very good.


As of Tuesday night, as far as I know I'm still paying for the mistake the driver of the second car made. Haven't heard back from Uber. It's not that much money, but it's kind of disgusting that the guy wouldn't make good in the first place, and then lied about whether he was making good. I gave the driver a 1-star rating so that should help others be warned, but why Uber is holding on to the money? Well, I'm not going to use them again after this experience.

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By Dave Winer, Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 6:42 PM. So, it has come to this.