Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 7:50 AM

We're still in the Information Dark Ages

We're still not all the way there with social networking.

Facebook knows who I'm friends with, at least in a Facebook sense.

Now let's say I'm driving into San Francisco, going over the Golden Gate Bridge and wondering as I look at the skyline of the city, "Who do I know here?"

That's the question I had in 1979 when I was moving to the Bay Area from Wisconsin. Of course at the time there was no way to get that information, and I'm pretty sure it's still not possible today.

This was part of my definition of "information poverty."

I had another definition, and that part has been solved.

I was at my brother's house in Palo Alto in 1991. The Mets were playing the Dodgers in LA. Of course we weren't watching it or listening to it on the radio, there was no way to do that.

I asked a question -- is there a way we can find out the score in the Mets game right now?

We tried calling the stadium. Called the NY and LA news organizations. We even looked on Compuserve. No scores.

Of course today you can listen to the game anywhere in the US using the MLB app. And there are a million ways to get the current score. So by that measure of information poverty we're out of the dark ages.

PS: The Mets won again last night and the Nationals lost, moving the Mets ahead by 6.5 games in first place in the National League East. Lookin pretty good Mookie!

PPS: Colon pitched a great game through 8. But I have to say I do not like the uniforms they wore last night. I know support the troops, but please this is baseball, not combat.

PPPS: Another question I'd like to ask Facebook. Do I have any friends who live in DC who are Mets fans?

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