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A picture named daveTiny.jpgDave Winer, 56, is a visiting scholar at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and editor of the Scripting News weblog. He pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software; former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, and investor in web media companies. A native New Yorker, he received a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Tulane University and currently lives in New York City.

"The protoblogger." - NY Times.

"The father of modern-day content distribution." - PC World.

"Dave was in a hurry. He had big ideas." -- Harvard.

"Dave Winer is one of the most important figures in the evolution of online media." -- Nieman Journalism Lab.

10 inventors of Internet technologies you may not have heard of. -- Royal Pingdom.

One of BusinessWeek's 25 Most Influential People on the Web.

"Helped popularize blogging, podcasting and RSS." - Time.

"The father of blogging and RSS." - BBC.

"RSS was born in 1997 out of the confluence of Dave Winer's 'Really Simple Syndication' technology, used to push out blog updates, and Netscape's 'Rich Site Summary', which allowed users to create custom Netscape home pages with regularly updated data flows." - Tim O'Reilly.

8/2/11: Who I Am.

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FYI: You're soaking in it. :-)

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Dave Winer's weblog, started in April 1997, bootstrapped the blogging revolution.

Strong tail wind uptown Permalink.

Pushed my MPH over 13 for the first time. Yeha!

Map: 1 hour 3 minutes. 11.45 miles.

What will happen if the US defaults? Permalink.

They're not telling us the truth about this. Someone should.

They say interest rates will go up. That might even be a good thing if that's all that would happen, but it's not.

With no safe place to store value, the financial system are going to get crazy.

Gold and silver will probably shoot up, as will commodities. Anything that might possibly hold its value is going to become dear.

Are you going to take your money out of the bank? Well, as August 2 approaches, you'll probably have lots of company.

But that's just the beginning. Truth is no one knows what will happen because nothing like it ever has happened.

A picture named hell.jpgOne thing that will happen for sure is that the government will shut down. If you value stability -- food on the shelves of the supermarket, electricity and air conditioning, garbage pickup, police and fire protection -- you're going to be unhappy. As much as some people think govt is the problem, we'll find quickly how indispensible govt services are to the lives we lead.

You support the military you say? They won't get paid. How will they get home? You think the airlines are going to run with no banks or police? I think the air traffic controllers work for the government if I'm not mistaken. Pretty sure the airports are government-run. Trains, bridges, tunnels.

You think Iran and North Korea aren't watching? Might be an interesting time for them to do something.

Sometimes being scared is correct. This is one of those times.

The moment when the US tosses its cards in the air.

DaveCast #9 Permalink.

My iPhone wanted to be rebooted, so I was able to do a new DaveCastPermalink.

Hope you enjoy! :-)

DaveCast status Permalink.

All of a sudden the Voice Memo app on my iPhone won't record voice memos.

I did a long podcast yesterday, when I looked to see how much time had elapsed, it wasn't recording.

No matter what I do, I can't seem to get it to start recording.

Just wanted y'all to know I haven't forgotten. :-)

If I had a Like button this is what it would look like Permalink.

I stumbled across this page on the Facebook site.

It tells you how to put a Like button on any page.

I had some warnings. But let's see if it works anyway. :-)

Hooking Google-Plus to my linkblog feed? Permalink.

On Twitter, Steve Rubel asks: "Where is @davewiner on G+??"

Right now I feel pretty good about my decision, last year, to move my tweeting into my linkblog feed. Because of that, I don't have to think about how to get my flow off Twitter so it can be part of other services. And I get to ask a very important question of new services, like Google-Plus: When will my feed work over there?

Twitter's answer, at first, was to use TwitterFeed. Which I tried, and liked, but found to be too slow. So I wrote my own app to connect my feed to Twitter. It's plenty fast. And reliable. What's not to love? Well, I have to keep it running. So far that hasn't been a problem. But given Twitter's propensity to change their API, I'm pretty sure at some point that connection will break. Murphy's Law and all that.

So the answer to my good friend Steve Rubel is this. The ball is in Google's court. If they want my flow to come through their service, it's available to them in the form of a feed.

A picture named beetlejuice.jpgHowever: There are no titles on the items. That's the way it works in TwitterLand, and I support that. Some bits are too small to have titles. I know that's a problem for Google Reader. Hopefully it isn't a problem that Google-Plus inherited.

I work this way because my linkflow is and has always been a work-product of mine. It doesn't gain anything by being in Twitter or in Facebook or Google. It exists independently of all these things (it predates all of them too). I think I'm making a good offer. I don't charge for this product. But I don't give away my independence. I place a lot of value on it.

My feed is stored in my space. Which I archive. The items can go anywhere anyone wants them. But I stay independent.

© Copyright 1997-2011 Dave Winer. Last build: 12/12/2011; 1:29:27 PM. "It's even worse than it appears."

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