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Braintrust: Desktop for Ubuntu?

A question for the Scripting News braintrust...

First, remember that I am working on the new EC2 for Poets. I am talking about software that will be pre-installed on a Ubuntu-based AMI that's designed for people who use Macs and PCs, so they can run apps in the cloud.

I make several such apps, for example River4, PagePark, Noderunner and the amazingly useful and adaptable nodeStorage.

The best desktop for Ubuntu?

Now that the standard recital is out of the way...

I'm thinking about including a desktop interface, so that people who like Finder-like graphic filesystem browsers (such as myself, for example) in addition to command-line interfaces (for the discerning server connoisseur) will be happy using their cloud-based app server.

Which one?

There seem to be three choices.

  1. Gnome.

  2. Unity.

  3. Lubuntu.

I have no preference, and no basis to make a choice.

Please read before commenting

I know a lot of people will say "Don't do it," so you can skip that. I want to understand what the choices are if I choose to include a desktop in the AMI. I expect a few people won't read this and will write long missives about why this is Not A Good Idea. To them I say zzzz, in advance.

Dan MacTough's howto

In January 2014 I was emailing with Dan MacTough on this question, and he wrote a howto for installing VNC on a server and connecting to it from the Mac desktop.

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