Monday, September 21, 2015 at 6:50 AM

Silver lining Mets book

  1. I've A picture named mrmet.pngbeen a Mets fan since 1962.

  2. The Mets have a philosophy. Winning isn't everything. If we didn't have this philosophy we'd break.

  3. That said, there is a feeling that "this is the year." The year for what? Well, it could go either way. It could be a year of triumph of good over evil, or it could be yet another mile on the Mets trail of tears.

  4. Reminds me of a story from the final game of the 2000 World Series. A boy on the 7-train riding into the city, wearing a Mets hat and jersey. Crying. Why oh why? I imagined the kid following the games all season as I did when I was his age. An older wiser man said: "Son if you're going to love the Mets you're going to be doing a lot of that."

  5. I was puzzled as to why the Mets tore down Shea Stadium. At first I thought it was a bad idea. Does the Catholic Church tear down the Vatican to get some new restaurants? Then I realized we had to tear down the stadium. Once the Yankees celebrated their world championship in Shea in 2000, its fate was decided. We can't play here. It's tainted. A dirty place. So down comes Shea and up goes CitiField. They brought the stupid home run apple thing along. Not sure that was a good idea.

  6. Well the Yankees beat the Mets two games out of three in the weekend Subway Series. It was the way we lost that made me wonder if this is the year for triumph of philosophy, or one more defeat at the hand of the infidels.

  7. Then I remembered the next games are with the Braves, Phillies and the Reds. Three teams the Mets can beat. I think. I hope. Please. I don't want to cry again this year!

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