Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 12:33 PM

Twitter plus TV has huge potential

First, check out this article in Variety. I had not heard of any of this.

I do think Twitter plus TV is potentially huge. But I also think this opportunity has been out there for a long time. They could have moved so much more decisively.

Imagine for example a "Twitter for Breaking Bad" -- when the show was on you could log on to it, and not have to worry about spoilers. Also there would be no need for hashtags. Just stream of consciousness of barks, sniffles, bluster and agony.

The TV show would almost certainly have had to use and promote the Twitter channel, a couple of years ago, because of Twitter's dominance. But that might be fading a bit, Twitter might not be the best way to do this for much longer.

There's no doubt that the back-channel of TV is going to be huge. The biggest thing ever. It should have already happened it's so huge.

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