Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 6:00 AM

What became of Trade Secrets

I did a podcast in 2004 with Adam Curry called Trade Secrets.

The website is archived here.

Originally it was at, a domain which I later gave away. The links to the MP3s on that site are broken.

However, I have a separate zip archive of the MP3s.

And an OPML file with descriptions of each of the episodes.

PS: It's somewhat demonstrative of the archiving problem to note that in 2008 I thought I had rescued these files once and for all, for all posterity, only to find that I remapped the domain, and in doing so broke all the links. This time it's all on That will be the last domain I decommission. But in a couple of years this stuff will probably all be gone, yet again.

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