Friday, October 9, 2015 at 3:52 PM

Steve Jobs the movie

I went to see the movie this afternoon.

  1. It seems pretty spoiler-proof. Jobs was co-founder of Apple. He left Apple. The world thinks Sculley fired him, but it was more complicated. He came back and won. Even Bill Gates figured that out. If any of this is news to you and you plan to see the movie, I wouldn't read the rest of this.

  2. It's a fine movie. I would have liked it even if I wasn't close to at least some of the events in the movie.

  3. Pretty much everyone comes out looking good, even Steve Jobs.

  4. I can't imagine what the Apple people don't like about it. Most of them don't go back to 1998, which is when the movie ends.

  5. It's not a great movie. Not great the way Goodfellas is great or even the way The West Wing is great. There are no really inspiring characters. It doesn't really feel like an Aaron Sorkin script. I kept having to remind myself to watch for Sorkinisms.

  6. All of the good lines were in the trailers.

  7. Kate Winslet disappears into the body of Joanna Hoffman. She is an incredible actress.

  8. There were only a few moments when I was tricked into thinking I was watching Steve Jobs. I was pretty much always aware that it was an actor playing him. (For example, in Oliver Stone's Nixon, it's amazing how Anthony Hopkins transforms himself into Nixon. You forget he's not really Nixon.)

  9. Woz got the best lines. Yay Woz! John Sculley came out pretty good too.

  10. We love Lisa. She shows us that Steve is self-aware, and he truly was a good person.

  11. The two big winners in the movie: Stewart Alsop and Guy Kawasaki. I almost spit popcorn out of my mouth when I saw the central role Guy played in the movie. His ego will swell even bigger than it was, as if that's even possible.

  12. Not very dramatic for a movie that I imagine they thought would be very dramatic when it was written.

  13. I was at two of the three events portrayed in the movie. Not that that makes me great. Just thought I'd brag a little.

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