Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 12:39 PM

Getting in sync with Medium

A few days ago I documented a problem I was having connecting Scripting News with Medium, using their new API. I don't yet have access to their server-based API, but there is an IFTTT interface which is a good way to get starting, using the RSS feed for this blog as source material.

Yesterday I got a response from Jamie Talbot at Medium explaining the issue. It's a familiar one, the confusion over whether or not posts have titles. It seems they have arrived at what I think is the correct answer: posts can have titles or not, and the content system has to be prepared for either case. That's where this blog was in 1999, before other blogging tools and Google Reader pushed the world toward requiring titles. And then Twitter came along not having titles at all, and the intersection between all the kinds of blog-consuming environments became almost empty. They either required titles or didn't allow them. Only my rivers were agnostic.

As I say in my response to Jamie, the world seems to be righting itself. Now we're back where we were in 1999, with flexibility.

This post is a test

I've made the change he recommended to my IFTTT recipe.

If it works, this post will have a title when it appears on Medium.

If it does, then we have a decent connection.

Next thing we need is to have changes flow through to the Medium version.


Update: It worked.

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