Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 10:44 AM

My liveblog is coming back

I've tried a bunch of experiments over the last year with new ways of blogging that capture some of what we were doing before Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook each pulled blogging in different contradictory directions.

It's been my belief for some time that the influence of these three products basically tore blogging apart, reduced it to almost nothing. I used to have a channel that allowed me to publish all-length ideas, links, little pictures, whatever I wanted. Nothing stopping me from doing it again, so here we go!

Here's my new liveblog panel on Scripting News. I've been writing there all week. The software behind it is in good shape, I am able to iterate it, add features, tweak stuff, apply what I learn.

It's far from finished, stuff like this really never should be finished because the art is constantly evolving. And the software can and should evolve alongside. It's all really the same thing when it gets really good.

I'm still loving working in JavaScript on the server and in the browser. It's not as fast as working in Frontier, but I've brought along a lot of the ideas from my previous work environment, and it seems this new stuff is very fast and ought to scale pretty well, given the wide support for Node.js.

I plan to post some notes on the liveblog this afternoon after Twitter makes its announcements. I expect some of them to apply to the work I'm doing. It'll be interesting to see how close I came to guessing.

One more thing: Let's go METS!

Update -- 10/23/15

A popular request, a page with just the liveblog content on it.

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