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The Menubar Menu

Whenever a menubar object's editing window is frontmost, Frontier displays a menu labeled Menubar to the left of the Window menu. The commands are exactly the same as those in The Outline Menu, with one exception.

The Export SubMenu... command creates a special package containing a piece of a menubar, it can contain a single command or an entire sub-menu, containing sub-sub-menus.

To use the command, open a Menubar window, and place the outline cursor on the command or sub-menu that you want to send to someone. Choose the Export Submenu command. Navigate to a folder and enter a file name, click on OK.

To import the sub-menu, just double-click on the file in the Finder, or choose it thru the Open command in the File menu. On the receiving end, Frontier is smart about inserting the menu in the correct menu, and replacing any previous version of the sub-menu that was there before.

The Menubar menu is located at modes.menus.mbar.

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