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The Web Menu

The Web menu contains commands that web content developers use most often.

Picture of Frontier's Web Menu

Frontier's Web Menu

About this Menu

This command displays a dialog that explains the purpose of the Web menu, and links to this web page.

Picture of Info dialog for Frontier's Web Menu

View in Browser

This is the command you'll probably use most often when you're working on a web page. It builds the page into a temporary file and then sends a message to your web browser to display the rendered page. It's a quick way to iterate over the look of the page. Using the View in Browser command you can verify that the page looks good when read in a browser, before releasing it to your website.

Release Rendered Page

When you're ready to let users of your website read the page you've been working on, choose the Release Rendered Page command. It builds the page, and then uploads the the result to your server, according to the settings in the #ftpSite table.

When it's finished rendering and uploading, it sends a message to the web browser to view the file that was rendered.

If you hold down the Shift key while choosing this command, Frontier will view the URL of the file that was rendered. This is important if your page has any dynamic elements that require coordination with the web server software to be properly rendered.

Release Table

Use this command when you've made substantial changes to a table containing web pages to be rendered by Frontier's page rendering engine.

It confirms that you want to rebuild all the web objects contained in the table:

rebuildConfirmation Picture

If you click on OK, Frontier rebuilds all the web pages and uploads them.

Edit Template

With a web page window open, the Edit Template command opens the template that's used to build the page.

Internet Config sub-menu

There are two commands in the Internet Config sub-menu.

Launch Editor opens the Internet Config editor.

View All Prefs copies all the Internet Config settings into a sub-table of the scratchpad table and opens it. You can use this command to quickly see all your settings.

More info

More information can be found on the Website Building with Frontier page.

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