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The Suites Menu

The Suites menu provides a launching pad for a number of suites included with Frontier. Suites are collections of related scripts attached to one or more private menus. The subject is discussed in greater detail in Chapter 10 of the Tutorial.

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The Suites Menu

The first item on this menu, About the Suites Menu... is similar to the other About... menu items we've seen. It explains this menu and its use in a dialog.

Minimal Menus, or Command-minus, is quite useful. When you've finished using a suite, you can use this menu option to remove its menu from the menubar.

Make New Suite... prompts you for the name of a new suite, and creates a sub-table of the suites table according to the conventions for suites, as established by the Frontier community.

The UserLand Suites sub-menu contains suites that are included with Frontier. We moved them out of the way to leave room for more suites created by other developers.

The rest of the items on this menu are suites, and generate their own menus, which are discussed in Chapter 7 of the Tutorial.

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