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The WP Menu

When a word processing text object's editing window is frontmost in Frontier, a menu labeled WP appears to the left of the Window menu.

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Frontier's WP Menu

The first five commands in this menu work on the selected text.

The Uppercase command converts the selected text to all uppercase and Lowercase converts to all lowercase.

Wrap, Wrap & Indent and Fix Hard Returns are primarily used to modify text pasted from email messages or others that add or require "hard" carriage returns on every line (instead of letting the text editor do the wrapping).

Ruler On/Off, or Command-R, toggles the ruler in the word processing text window on and off.

The Margins Fit Window command, or Command-K, increases or decreases the margins of the entire document to match the size of the window (up to the maximum margin).

The menubar object for this menu is at modes.menus.wptx.

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