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The Script Menu

When a script-editing window is the frontmost window in Frontier, a menu labeled Script appears to the left of the Window menu. The Script menu is shown in Figure 1.

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Frontier's Script Menu

Toggle Comment, or Command-backslash, converts a line in a scripting window from a comment to an executable line of UserTalk code and vice versa.

A comment is indicated by « while an executable line of code is marked with an outline item marker. Any heading(s) nested under a line that you convert to a comment are also interpreted as a comment when Frontier compiles the script.

Toggle Breakpoint, or Command-K, sets and removes breakpoints from UserTalk scripts. A breakpoint is indicated by a hand character (see below). When the script interpreter encounters a breakpoint when the script is running in Debug mode, it pauses execution. The use of breakpoints as a debugging tool is discussed in Chapter 3.

scriptMenuWindow Picture

A script being debugged with execution stopped at a breakpoint

Full Expand, Full Collapse, Toggle Expand, and Collapse to Parent all have the same effect when applied to scripts as they do when applied to an outline. The same is true for Make First and Make Last. Delete All Subs, Promote, and Demote behave identically to their Outline menu counterparts as well. See The Outline Menu page for explanations.

The next two items -- Bundle-ize and De-Bundle -- relate to the ability to group lines in UserTalk scripts. The first item creates a heading with the keyword Bundle and demotes all of the headings beneath it so that they become a single group of lines that you can then collapse. The second item is meant to be used when you are positioned on a line with the word Bundle as its first entry or on any line contained in a bundle. It undoes the effects of a Bundle-ize option.

Finally, the Remove Source Code command supports a feature that was added in Frontier 3.0, removable source code. See the Removable Source Code page for an explanation.

The menubar object for the Script menu is at modes.menus.scpt.

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