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The Window Menu

The Window menu contains a list of all of the windows that are open in Frontier. The Window menu is permanent; its contents are dynamic but not scriptable. The picture below shows you a typical scenario, of a documentation writer working on a website documenting Frontier.

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Typical Window Menu

Each of the symbols and styles in this menu means something. A diamond character is used to indicate the current root file in use. An underlined window name means that object's contents have changed since they were last saved. The checkmark identifies the frontmost window. Hidden windows are show in italic.

The menu tracks different kinds of documents in each section. The top section for root files, the next for Frontier "dialogs" including Quick Script and Find, the third for tables, the fourth for outlines and the last for word processing text documents. If there are no open items in a particular category, Frontier skips that section.

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