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Frontier ClassAds Server

A new server application that manages a newspaper-like Classified Ads system on a Mac web server.

A brief guide to installing the Classified Ads server software on your system.

Please discuss on Stanford's Frontier-webmaster list.

The ClassAds software is included in Frontier 4.2.1 or greater.


  1. Choose ClassAds from the Suites menu. A new menu, ClassAds appears in Frontier's menu bar.

  2. Choose Setup from the ClassAds menu. Choose a folder to store the HTML text files generated by the Class Ads suite, and enter the URL for the folder.

  3. Choose Open Categories from the ClassAds menu. An outline window opens. Add or delete categories using Frontier's outline editing commands. Close the categories window when you're finished.

  4. Choose Build Website from the ClassAds menu. All the pages are built. HTML text files appear in the website folder.

  5. Choose Home Page from the ClassAds menu. Your web browser comes to the front and displays the page using the URL entered in step 1.

Your ClassAds server is now on the air.


Try entering a new ad in the system. At the next hourly interval, the page will be rebuilt. You can rebuild it manually by choosing the Build Website command.

Design philosophy

The system is designed to be easy to navigate, not overwhelming or complex, and visually pleasing.

The software is easy to customize, all the pages are built with templates that sysops can change. The entire site is managed with Frontier scripts, the pages and the ad info is stored in Frontier's object database.

The scripts that render the pages run in a separate thread that's activated once per hour. Multiple forms can be submitted simultaneously because database access is protected via semaphores.

The pages are served statically, as normal HTML text files, but the pages are built using the most advanced website automation features in Frontier 4.2.

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