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Frontier 4.1b6 Change Notes


1. Installer script

Entirely new version, based on the Frontier 3.0 Upgrader script.
Exported submenus are installed in their parent menu. When installing a suite, the "importSuite" script is executed, if present.
Log items are inserted chronologically and synchronously. The log also indicates whether items are new or are upgrades.4.1

2. MacBird Runtime

Cards now run in a menu sharing client's layer. Cards are alway executed modally in this case.
There are some remaining glitches running certain cards from a menu sharing client, particularly cards that are normally modeless.

3. Disabling menu items

The open parenthesis character can now be used to disable a menu item. This will typically be used in formula items, so that enabling/disabling can be dynamic.
If the last character in an item is a close parenthesis, a leading parenthesis is treated literally and the item is not disabled.
This feature works from shared menus as well as Frontier's own menubar.

4. TCPCMD support

Added special event to allow ucmds to yield with minimal overhead, no script execution.

5. Documentation

Added a DocServer page for system.misc.closeWindow.
Added more Notes to the db verbs. In particular, the need to call is noted in all verbs that write to the database.


1. Frontier in the Application Menu

Fixed bug where menu sharing clients would get Frontier's icon in the application menu

2. Double Floating point values

IEEE "double" floating point values are now converted to "extended", the format that Frontier uses for doubleType values.
In the past, they were not recognized and would appear as binary [doub] objects.

3. cmd-2clicking

Fixed assertion failure that would trap into the debugger when cmd-2clicking in menubar item text to zoom elsewhere.

4. MacBird Runtime

Fixed assertion failure running cards that need idle time.

5. "for" loops assignment protection

In for loops, if the loop counter variable has not been declared locally, and is the name of a "large" object like a table, an error is generated. The large object will not be overwritten by the loop value.

6. db verbs

Fixed bug in, when referring to an open database that isn't the current root file.

7. thread verbs

Using thread.sleep to put the agent thread to sleep works. Agents will not wake up until thread.wake (or thread.kill) is called.
Using thread.kill to kill the current thread works.
The "duration" parameter to thread.sleepFor is interpreted as seconds, not ticks.

8. wp.go verb

wp.go (left, infinity) no longer stops at the nearest line break.
wp.go no longer leaves the old selection highlighted if the window is inactive.

9. Running out of memory

Frontier's preferred size has been expanded to 2000K, for real this time. It actually was 1500K in 4.1b5.

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