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Frontier 4.1b7 Change Notes


1. odbEditing of cards

cmd-E in Frontier will now edit binary [card] objects as well as string, wptext and AppleScript script objects, if compatible editors are installed.
To edit a card, select the binary card object in its table and press cmd-E. Select the MacBird application if prompted.

2. MacBird application bug fixes

Fixed Component Manager errors, crashes if you quit Frontier while MacBird is running.
Fixed bug where the table of newly-created card would not be saved.
Fixed bug where a card's table would disappear permanently if Frontier wan't running.
Fixed bugs saving a card into Frontier.root using MacBird's shared menu. The card no longer needs to be saved on disk before using the command.
Fixed crashing bug with the Common Styles shared menu items.
Fixed a memory leak when closing a card.

3. Running cards from shared menus

Cards can now be run by menu sharing clients, in the client's own layer. Several related bugs in 4.1b6 have been squashed.

4. Cards that have their own shared menus

When running inside of Frontier, shared menus attached to cards appear in Frontier's menubar.
However, if running from a menu sharing client app's menu, card menus are not added.

5. Cards with popup menus

Fixed bug in card.popup.setCheckedItem; the check mark can now be set from a card script.

6. Finder Icons

Frontier now provides a Finder icon for card files that it owns.

7. Dropping cards onto Frontier

If you hold down the Command key while dropping a card onto Frontier, the card will be added to the table and the new item will be selected.
Like desktop scripts, any previous item at that location will be replaced without confirmation.

8. Other bugs

Fixed bug where card script errors should bring up the Error Info window while a card was running inside of Frontier.
Fixed "wrong port" Macsbug trap that would come up when running some cards.
Fixed crashing bug running cards for OSA (menusharing) clients on 68K Macintoshes.


1. Sub directories

Creation of sub directories for sub tables is now supported for FTP based sites
ftpText only calls ftpClient.sureFilePath if an error is encountered on the intial store attempts. This should reduce the network traffic and display overhead considerably.


1. verbs

Fixed a memory leak in db.setValue.

2. Pasting Finder clipboard into Frontier

'TEXT' scraps are now favored over objspec or other advanced types.
Holding down the Option key when Pasting will cause advanced scrap types to be recognized.

3. Saving Performance

Volume changes are now flushed asynchrounously. This will avoid delays at the end of a Save, after the beachball cursor has stopped rotating.
Unfortunately, this does not appear to address the worst problems in this area. We'll keep trying.

4. Jump To command

Jumping to a non-existent address now beeps. It no longer generates an error.

5. wp.insert

Removed 32K limit on the size of the string that can be inserted.

6. appleEvent verbs, multiple roots

The appID parameter to the appleEvent family of verbs may now be a filespec that points to an open root file. The event will be handled by that root.
Other applications can send events to specific, open databases by including a "subject" event attribute that is the filespec of that root.
One current limitation (bug) of this feature is that only traps that exist in the current root are recognized, even though the target root's trap script would actually handle it.

7. Increment, Decrement operators

Fixed bug where incrementing or decrementing an undefined value would fail to generate an error, and would crash.

8. toys.getParentTable

Now calls parentOf builtin function instead of parsing the address as a string.

9. Window positioning bug

Fixed a window positioning bug when a second monitor is to the left of and slightly below the main monitor.

10. Installer

This Frontier upgrade updates the UserLand Utilities folder, adding MacBird to it. Documentation will be forthcoming.
The Installer script no longer lists "new" or "upgrade" in the log outline.

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