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Frontier 4.1b11 Change Notes


1. Expanding object names

When expanding object names to values in a object script, quote characters are now handled. However, curly quotes are not handled.
This fixes the "syntax error" bug when exporting objects with non-identifier names.

2. Color popups

The Color Popup Info item is no longer enabled in the Draw menu.

3. Icons

If a color icon of the specified ID cannot be found, a black and white icon will be used, if available.
Added icons to the Frontier application for dialog.alert and dialog.notify.

4. Nested cards

Fixed crashing bug when calling from a card script.

5. Compatibility

Made a change in the runtime code for cards running cards that may avoid problems when running in an OSA client application.


1. The following preferences have been added, if they are not defined defaults are used.

activeURLs, turn on or off URL auto enabling
clayCompatability, turn on or off recognition of "***" and "---" as bold headings and separator lines.
isoFilter, For turning on or off iso filtering (for example in Japanese text).
All of the new preferences can be set by directives, allowing them to be set on a page by page basis. The directive should be the same name as the preference.

2. Macro and Glossary expansion

Macro and glossary references are no longer limited to 255 characters.

3. Active URL expansion

Allow '#', '-', ':' and '%' characters in urls; allow ':' in mailto's. For example, "" expands to
Don't include punctuation preceeding a mailto reference in the mailto url. For example, "email: <>" expands to email: <>.
Fixed bug when the '@' character is encounted embedded in punctuation, as in this sentence.


1. The NetFrontier page is at

2. Machines

You can now interact with a single remote machine (a node).
You can interact with a collection of machines as a set.
The remote Machine can be on an Appletalk or TCP network. (TCP support still in beta, requires TCPCMD.)

3. Interface

Custom dialogs allow easy editing of information.
Select from available remote machines quickly with menus.
Run a remote 'quick script' window, providing a terminal to the remote Frontier..

4. Scripting

A complete API allows you to get, put, run, delete remote objects from nodes or sets.
API is abstracted from network type.

5. Misc

RemoteApps feature lets you target applications on appletalk networks.
With proper extensions installed, program linking dialogs no longer needed.


1. navigator.spawn

navigator.spawn now takes a second optional parameter: the name of the navigator.
If a name is specified, the navigator window will be given that name. If a window with that name is already open, it will be brought to the front.

2. Jump to Cell command

Works properly when the destination cell doesn't have it's own window.

3. card.popup.setSelectedText

Added this new verb, courtesy of Preston Holmes.

4. odbEditor Suite

Frontier now saves Frontier.root when you Save in an object in an external editor application.

5. Menubar forula items

Fixed bug handling formula items that are hierarchical menu parents.

6. dialog.notify

dialog.notify is now a card.

7. Card Finder icons

Fixed icon mask for Frontier-owned cards. In small icon view, the rightmost column of pixels in no longer chop off.

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