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Frontier 4.1b12 Change Notes


1. Fixed client card running crasher

Found and fixed a serious problem running cards outside of Frontier's process.
I never had crashes occur regularly here, so I can't be sure it's a complete fix. But I think it will be.

2. Fixed problem running nested cards

This problem would show up in situations as simple as a card calling dialog.ask or dialog.alert.
The technology for running card scripts has been reworked to include the card's table in the script context without modifying the paths table.
The card table is now the most local scope of the card script, overriding local variable names in the script that called the card. Before, the caller's locals were more tightly bound than the table.
In not setting paths.cardPath, the new mechanism is more efficient, and prevents the card's table from interfering with scripts running in other threads.

3. Card initialization

The startCard script is now called after default initialization has been performed, including selecting the first items in radio groups.
Item recalculation scripts run after startCard, as before.
If startCard selects a text item, no default text item selection will take place.
All card initialization now occurs before the card window is displayed.


1. Hardcoded extended ASCII mappings

No longer hardcode mapping of curly single- and double-quotes, ellipses, en- and em-dashes, and the bullet character. They are now passed through to the user-configurable iso8859 filter.
The default iso8859 filter now implements the same mapping for these characters as string.processhtmlMacros used to, except that en-dash maps to a single dash rather than two dashes.

2. html.installmenu

removed html.installmenu. There is no menu.

3. Other processMacros bug fixes

Removed 32K limit in the AutoWeb processing of "***".
Fixed off-by-one bug when processing hot URLs at the very end of the source text.


1. In-cell table editing

You can now edit binary values in their table cell.
Attempting to edit a binary value no longer truncates it to 255 characters and sets its binarytype to 'TEXT'.
You can now edit list and record values that are longe than 255 characters.

2. odbEditor Suite

Fixed bug where, after editing a card externally, it would be converted to binary [TEXT] and truncated. (See "In-cell Table Editing" above.)

3. Replace All in wptext objects

When wraparound is enabled, and the replacement string contains the search string, each instance is replaced exactly once.
Cmd-period is now detected during a wptext replace all.

4. Menu Sharing, Eudora

The menu sharing timing fix that solved some menu sharing incompatibilities is now applied when modifying menus of applications that are running.
I believe that editing Eudora's shared menu will be less likely to yield buggy updating now.

5. suites.appleScripts

Fixed applescripts.loadosax, called by the Load an OSAX menu item.

6. Frontier.clickers.typeosax

Added this new clicker so that you can drag an osax directly onto Frontier to load it. It calls applescripts.loadosax.

7. International Canceling

Courtesy of (Fabrizio Oddone), Frontier now knows how to detect cmd-period on international keyboards.

8. Backspacing over double-byte characters

Removed debugger assertions that fail when backspacing over double-byte characters (Kanji).
However, undo still does not work correctly after backspacing over double-byte text.

9. Installer

The installer does a more often now, allowing the installation to succeed in Frontier's default (2.5M) memory partition.

10. user.infoDialog

A prettier design for the sign-in dialog. Check it out!

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