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Frontier 4.1b13 Change Notes


1. FinderAliases card

Fixed a bug that caused the FinderAliases card to crash when running it in the Finder -- on my machine, at least.
It's not clear whether this same problem is responsible for other card running problems that we have seen.

2. Copy/Paste

Modal cards now respond to Cut, Copy and Paste from the keyboard.
Copy in modeless cards now transfers text to the system clipboard.

3. Modeless card initialization

A modeless card's startupScript and initial recalc scripts now run in the calling script's context.
In fact, the "startCard" script itself may be local to the calling script, rather than in the card's table.
Modeless card initialization scripts run before the card window is actually displayed.

4. card.setModalTimeout

Modal cards now time out after the specified number of idle seconds have passed (if the IdleTime INIT is installed).

5. Movable modal cards

Movable modal cards now pass update events through to the menusharing client.
(Note: to receive events, the client must provide an eventfilter callback. OSA Menu does not.)


1. string.iso8859encode

Fixed memory-trashing bug in the string.iso8859encode. This bug could explain any number of random crashes during or after rendering HTML pages.


1. file.getFileDialog, file.putFileDialog

Fixed total system hang when calling any of the file dialog verbs, if the application running the script wasn't the frontmost process.

2. Save a Copy

Save a Copy no longer resets the modification dates of all tables, and of open objects.
More generally, timeModified now returns the actual time that an object was changed, not the time it was saved to disk.

3. Menu Sharing, Suspend events

Fixed menu sharing problem with scripts that involve task switches. In particular, the client will now receive a suspend event.
It's not clear if there are other, related problems that this will fix. Eudora's Edit Shared Menu item can still hang.

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