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Frontier 4.1b14 Change Notes


1. No debugging code

Both Frontier 4.1b14 and MacBird 1.0b24 are built without debugging code.
This makes them smaller and faster. And MacBird will no longer crash with duplicate name errors.


1. Modal card crasher on 68K Macs

Fixed total crashing bug running cards in other applications on 68K Macs. This bug was most often observed as a crash when pressing a button in the Finder Type & Creator dialog.

2. Modal card crasher on all Macs

Fixed bug handling client application events in modal cards. This bug could cause MacBird's Save in Frontier command to crash.

3. Card clipboard support

Cut in cards transfers the text to the system clipboard, as Copy already did properly.

4. Option-select shared menu item

Fixed a new crashing bug on 68K Macs.
Fixed an old intermittent crashing bug on all Macs.

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