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Frontier 4.1 Change Notes


1. Applications

The Frontier and MacBird applications have not been changed since the 4.1b14 release, except that both are now designated 1.0.

2. Install Files

The DW End End Game package is integrated into the 4.1 Upgrader folder.
The Installer no longer modifies the main menubar.


1. WP Text menu

Removed cmd-3 equivalent for WPText menu's Wrap item

2. suites.newScript

New scripts now respect user.preferences.scriptFont and scriptFontSize

3. suites.navigator

Navigator windows now have their titles set before they are displayed.

4. FinderMenu Types submenu

All commands in this menu now cause the parent folder to redisplay the icons of the changed files.

5. Optional 4.1 Menubar Upgrade

The Read Me file now specifies the correct location for the old menubar (scratchpad, not system.misc)

6. Bogus stuff

Removed a couple of files from the install that were redundant, like toys.urlJumper which was actually part of suites.webBrowser

7. Export suite

The lastfolder field is set to the empty string.

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