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4.2b2 Change Notes

Thu, Dec 12, 1996 at 11:04:33 AM by DW



A truly massive macro. Insert a call into a page on your site to add a site outline.
Check out user.websites.midas.default for an example of how to call it.
The Frontier Site Outline is now built with this macro.

2. Using our MIDAS site as the showcase for new features

The source for this site is included in the Extras folder.

3. system.misc.cmd2click

Made cmd-2clicking work for macros.
It assumes^ points to the tools table for the page you're editing. If not, it may not find the macro.
This is the proper tradeoff, it would be way too slow to do it exactly right all the time. If you're working on macros in a page, you may want to build it first.
Also looks in user.html.macros.

4. html.ucmds.embeddedScript

When evaluating a macro, add to the with chain.
Now you can say {xxx} instead of {}.

5. Include Brent's Commands -- system.extensions.pbs

Please report bugs to (Brent Simmons).
Latest version at
I use it in suites.crawler and in some of the standard macros. Useful stuff. It'll be nice to be able to depend on it being there.

6. Tweaked performance in html.getPref

Using an address and simplifying logic reduced 100 loops from 65 ticks to 21.

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