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4.2b3 Change Notes

Sun, Dec 15, 1996 at 10:14:39 AM by DW


1. New directives #define, #defineScript

A powerful new feature. See Narrative page.

2. toys.outlineToList, toys.listToOutline

Convert from a hierarchic outline to a hierarchic list, and vice versa.
toys.outlineToList copies all the siblings of the cursor headline, including the cursor headline.
toys.listToOutline inserts as siblings of the cursor headline.

3. frontier.version

Set to 4.2b3.

4. extensions.pbs

Included newest version of Brent's Commands UCMD.

5. toys.commentDelete

Fixed it. It would break page-building if a directive contained an exclamation point!
Lesson learned: always review code after testing it.

6. outlineSite macro

New directive, #siteDefaultName, defaults to user.html.prefs.defaultFileName.
Allows you to outline sites that have index.html as their default file.

7. user.html.prefs.defaultFileName

A new prefs setting, if you're running WebSTAR or a Microsoft server set it to default.
If you're running a Unix server, try "index". Or whatever...

8. html.buildOnePage

Sometimes you need to build a page from a script. html.buildOnePage makes it easy.

9. system.misc.cmd2click

Looks in user.html.renderers too.


Allow outline renderers to run from the tools table.
Allow renderers to run from anywhere -- you can include a full address in #renderOutlineWith directive.
See user.websites.midas.odb.ideas. Cmd2click on ideaListRenderer.


Tweaked it up so user.websites.midas.odb.sampleapp would look nice.

12. user.websites.midas.["#template"]

Converted it to an outline.

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