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4.2b4 Change Notes

Sun, Dec 15, 1996 at 8:01:47 PM by DW


1. html.ftpTable

Don't process the contents of tables named "images".

2. html.runDirective

Code extracted from
Process the directive and return the name of the directive.

3. html.runDirectives

Run all the #directives and return the cleaned up text.
This code appeared three times in the build routines -- twice in renderObject.
And once in html.buildObject, where it was used to process template text.

4. html.runOutlineDirectives

Does a similar thing for outlines. Factored code from renderObject.
Wired into html.buildObject, so outline templates can define stuff too.
It all comes together in user.websites.midas.["#template"].
Also check out
(Look in the Extras folder...)

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