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4.2b6 Change Notes

Mon, Dec 30, 1996 at 1:26:34 PM by DW


1. user.hooks.closeWindow

A new table, created in startup.startupScript, it will contain sub-tables containing scripts that modify UserLand-supplied behavior.

2. system.misc.closeWindow

Calls scripts in user.hooks.closeWindow table.
See system.misc.closeWindow for an explanation of how these scripts are called and what they are empowered to do.

3. user.html.lists.changedPages

Contains a list of pages that have been changed. You can edit pages, and then rebuild all the changed pages with one command
A new sub-menu of the Web menu (in the Misc folder) allows you to open the list, reset it, and rebuild from it.
Of course you can write scripts that add pages to this list.
Ideas for enhancement are welcome on the Frontier-talk or Frontier-webmaster lists.

4. html.buildFromOutline

The outline contains a list of addresses of pages to be built.
For each page, if we can build it, we delete the line from the outline.
So, if you use this to build a list every night for example, make a copy of the outline first.
If there's an error, we don't delete the line; you can try again later.

5. html.addToChangedPages

Accumulates a list of pages that have changed since the last Release Changed Pages command.
Pages that are exempt: (are not included in the list)

Anything that's not contained within user.websites.
Any item whose name begins with #.
Any item contained in a table named glossary, tools or images.

Opening and closing the window is enough to cause a page to appear on this list.

6. Web menu

Two new commands -- Release Changed Pages and Open Changed Pages.



This new value is present if the page is being rendered for previewing.
The code in html.buildPageTable pays attention, and renders into a local folder instead of FTPing.
Other functions may want to work differently and of course the flag is available to your macros.

2. View In Browser command

Sets and builds the front window. Pictures will not appear, but relative links will work as expected.
The pages are built in a sub-folder of the Websites folder in your Frontier folder, no longer builds into the Preferences folder of your System Folder.


1. user.html.prefs.charset

Defaults to iso-8859-1. Change it if you want to use a different character set in your pages.
Respected in

2. suites.regex 1.1

Faster, better threading citizen, almost self-contained.
Thanks to Danis Georgiadis,

3. Patching relative glossary links is built in

You can delete calls to in your finalFilter scripts, the functionality is now built into html.buildObject.

4. Included extensions.latintomac

See system.extensions.latintomac.ReadMe for docs.
Thanks to Brent Simmons.

5. Included suites.filemakerLib

See for docs.
DocServer text for the verbs is in the Extras folder.
Thanks to Brent Simmons.

6. Improved error reporting

In html.buildPage, there's no need to trap the error if we're not using threaded rendering.
This means that when there's an error building the page that causes the framework to stop, the Error Info window points to the line where the error occurred.

7. WebSTAR.commands.doNightlyTasks

Fixed bug in the nightly log rollover script.
Included system.verbs.apps.WebSTAR, and the shared menu in the 4.2 parts list.


When generating a link, use user.html.prefs.fileExtension instead of "html".

9. html.utilities.buildMCF

Started with Jim Correia's MCFGenerator suite
Watch for details and progress.

10. html.buildOnePage

Catch the error, release the semaphore, then (new) re-throw the error.

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