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4.2b9 Change Notes

Tue, Jan 21, 1997 at 6:28:44 AM by DW


1. Create MCF command

The Create MCF command in the Net sub-menu would stack overflow.
Theory: the Finder has less stack space, so I tried running the build in a separate Frontier thread.
It worked. Please try building MCF maps for your sites. We want to be sure this works. Thanks!


1. These changes were made by Preston Holmes... Thanks Preston!

2. html.initWebsite

Tries to build the page table in a local, but calls getSiteTable which looks at
html.buildPageTable could never work with anything other than as it was written.
Coerce adrsite to address, toys.newObject was failing silently if it was a string.

3. html.getSiteTable

Added optional param for adr of data table, see notes for initWebsite.

4. Initial pageFilter script for new sites

Changed to check pref for default page name when generating glosspatch stuff.


Checks a new pref "useGlossPatcher" to see if it should proceed.
Allows people to tweak performance by turning this feature off if not used in certain pages/sites.
Did not add to html.init - since default is true but should be documented.

6. html.buildObject

Copied in code from buildPageTable that sets f and fname.
This will ensure that fileExtension etc are respected.
Commented out sureFilepath from buildPageTable.

7. html.getPref

Added defaultFileName to case statement.
Removed items from case statement that returned true (which is default in else portion).

8. imageRef macro

Only add "images/" to URL if imageSpec is a string.


1. toys.threadCall

Makes it easy to launch a script in a separate thread even if it takes parameters.

2. user.html.renderers.newCulture

A very simple outline renderer. Use it when you want to construct HTML pages in a Frontier outline.
Here's what it does...
Delete comment lines and strip off end-of-line comments.
Replace empty lines with <p>s (skip a line to add space to the page).
Produce tab-indented text for the outline.
I use this renderer in lots of outlines.
I wish I had given it a different name, but... it works well. Onward!

3. Frontier.shipdate

It's set by the build script and included in the Install Files folder.
Since I run the Installer script on the shipping root, the shipdate produced by this script will be the official ship date.


1. This may be it

4.2b9 may be the final release before going golden.
Please post deal-stopper bug reports on the Frontier-talk list.

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