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A system extension that connects with Frontier's clock.idleTime verb.

IdleTime is a system extension provided for use in conjunction with Frontier. Its primary purpose is to install a system filter which keeps track of user activity so that scripts can perform intelligent testing on this activity.

To install the IdleTime extension, open the Misc Stuff folder, open Copy to System Folder, and drag the IdleTime icon into your System Folder and restart your Macintosh.

This version is a very basic rewrite of the original extension written by Doug Baron, primarily to work around some crashing problems people were seeing on newer machines and prepare the extension for Copland.

To call the idleTime INIT, we've provided a glue script called clock.idleTime. The script is pre-installed in Frontier.root. It returns the number of seconds of inactivity on the system. For example, you could install an agent script that starts a backup after an hour of inactivity. To test for that, you'd check to see if clock.idleTime () is greater than 3600.

Any activity resets the idle value to zero. Things that count are keystrokes, disk insertions, mouse movement or mouse clicks.

A sample script is at samples.basicStuff.idleWatcher. There's a DocServer page for clock.idleTime.

Please report problems to or on the Frontier-talk list.

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