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MacBird Tips

MacBird is the newest addition to the Frontier script writer's toolkit. We're still learning what it can do.

The definitive MacBird website is at:

This page accumulates new MacBird wisdom and art for advanced MacBirdPeople.

Making a new card

Here's how to create and edit a new card:

  1. Open the table you want it to live in and choose New Card from the Table menu.

  2. Be sure the table cursor is on the new card, and press Command-E. MacBird comes to the front, with a new empty card displayed.

  3. Make some changes (I always Command-D to set the title, make it movable, and change the grid to 8). Press Command-S to save changes back in the object database.

  4. When you want to try out the card, switch back into Frontier and run it with Command-/.

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