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Using the outliner to edit HTML text

Wow. It was easy. Now you can edit hierarchies of HTML objects using Frontier's built-in outliner. I think I'm going to use this a lot.

If you edit complex web pages, wouldn't it be great to use the outliner to structure the pages so you can reorganize things easily and view the structure with expand and collapse? Well, it was surprisingly easy to make it work.

First, I converted the home page at to be an outline. Here's what the window looks like, partially expanded:

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Visit the page at and do a view source. You can see how nicely indented the source is. Coool.

Download the new culture stuff

The newCulture renderer is part of the Frontier 4.2 release, it was included in version 4.2b9, released on 1/21/97.


I still plan to do most pages as wptext, but for hairy complex pages I think this new technique is invaluable.

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