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Save A Copy

If Frontier slows down when saving changes, you can improve performance using the Save A Copy command.

As a Frontier object database file, Frontier.root, gets older, freed disk blocks are added to an internal list called the "avail list". As this list gets long, disk-based operations can slow down significantly.

You can freshen your database with the Save A Copy command in The File Menu. Choose the command, save to Frontier.root.fresh. Take a short break. When it's finished, quit Frontier, move Frontier.root to a safe place, and rename Frontier.root.fresh to Frontier.root. Relaunch Frontier. Things should run faster now.

You can trash the original Frontier.root. The new one contains all the information in the old one.

If you want to get an idea of the condition of your object database, enter window.dbStats () into the Quick Script window. A report appears in a separate window. The third line in the stats window tells you how many nodes are on the avail list. The fewer the better.

Save A Copy will also compact the file, squeezing out all the unused space between disk blocks. The resulting file will be smaller than the original file.

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