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Brent Simmons on the CGI Framework

I've posted a new version of the CGI Framework.

It's beta now, not alpha, meaning it's pretty much set except for potential bug-fixes and barring any serious, as-yet-undiscovered flaws.

I haven't updated my CGI Framework web site yet: I'm about to work on that now.

This new version is running on my server:

The talked-about goal of making a server-agnostic framework has been, I believe, accomplished. But I haven't tested with every server on many different systems.

There's another goal: transitioning the framework's architecture into something more modern, so that (for instance) preferences are stored in a user.webserver table. This version (4.2) is transitional, meaning one should now store preferences and scripts in the user.webserver table but it's not technically required.

I've received and seen many, many suggestions for enhancing the CGI Framework, but I'm taking it a couple steps at a time. The version following this (call it 4.3) will likely contain more of these suggestions. The 4.3 version will also be discontinuous, in that the new architecture will be fully in place. (In other words: preferences, actions, user-written utilities, and so on will no longer be permitted in the suites.webserver table.)

So: if anyone has a chance to look at this, please do. If you install it on your server, it's of course wise to make a backup of your root first.

You can install it by using the installer or by double-clicking each file individually.

I'm all ears: bug reports, suggestions, whatever, let me have it.

Brent Simmons

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