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Brian Buck on the Media Info Suite

This is one for all you Graphics Powerscripters.

Some highlights:

  • One main entrypoint -- mediaInfo.getMediaInfo (f) -- pass it a file or ODB address and it returns a table with a lot of information about the file

  • We do JPEG, GIF, EPS, Scitex CT, and (soon) Photoshop files

  • It has an extensible framework with a cool set of file utilities -- feel free to write code for other file formats

  • It returns colorspace info (whether an image is RGB, CMYK, indexed, etc.) which is great for checking to make sure all your CMYK images got switched to RGB or vice-versa (when you're doing print work)

  • It gets the index and RGB value of the transparent color in GIF files which is great for checking the background color a GIF was antialiased to

  • It's all written in UserTalk and heavily commented for the curious

If you find a file this suite doesn't like, send it to me. Make sure you install John Baxter's enhanced forks UCMD which comes in the installation or else nothing will work.



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