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Daniel Berlinger on ADB I/O

There is an system.extensions table for ADB I/O which can be downloaded from:

For those unfamiliar, the ADB I/O is a box that attaches via the ADB bus to your Mac. With ADB I/O and Frontier, or HyperCard, SuperCard, AppleScript, Director, 4th Dimension, or via C and CodeWarrior, it is easy to build customized applications for your control and data acquisition needs.

The Frontier table is marked as beta because there may be some changes, not because there are any known bugs.

If you do find any problems or have any questions, please let me know in addition to the people at Beehive.

Still digging!


PS Thanks as always to Dave, Brent, and everyone on the Frontier-talk list for all the help and support. The folks at Beehive have been great too!

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