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FinderMenu is Important

This email went to several scripting-related mailing lists on Mon, Jan 13, 1997.

I want to get the new Finder scripts/docs in shape because I want to use it as part of a new push to encourage geekish end-users to look at Frontier.

The FinderMenu stuff is important, we lost sight of it because Apple didn't welcome it. Now things are changing. Developing the Finder's menu bar is a priority.

So please take a careful look at this stuff if you have the time.

I want to evolve the Finder's scripts menu to include Net-related activities.

Ideas? MCF from the Finder? FTP? Commands for managing a web server? Commands for prettying up the arrangement of Finder icons?

If you're a powerscripter, please view this as a platform. You can export bits of menu bars and share them. How to: Bring a menubar window to the front and choose Export SubMenu... from the MenuBar menu. It's easy.



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