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Looking for Success Stories

In putting together the marketing pitch for Frontier at InternetWorld, we need some more success stories that show how site efficiency improves when you systematize the design of the site using Frontier.

Here are some examples of stories (with the names of the organizations XXXd out):

  • XXX has 2 people working on 4 Web sites using all-Mac workflow.

  • XXX has about 30 people working on 1 Web site -- UNIX and Windows - all hand coded. (Not a success story!)

  • XXX had 5 people working for 1 year on a UNIX Web site without launching. The night of the newspaper strike, 1 person wrote the Frontier scripts and turned the entire paper into a Web site in about 3 hours, Thereafter it took 1 person about an hour to convert the whole paper to HTML nightly. Making any change in the UNIX code took weeks of development, debugging etc.

  • XXX post uses 1 person taking 1 hour to turn whole paper into HTML (100 stories daily).

  • XXX had 2 people doing Web site vs 8 people at YYY, and converted 2x the content (they used AppleScript...).

  • Sites like Albanian news would probably take skilled programmers weeks or months to implement in UNIX or NT.

Do you have a similar story? If so, send email to, cc to


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