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Fat Page Graphic

Imagine a web page that's fat. It displays in your web browser just like a normal web page. But there's a new command in the browser's shared menu called "Get Page Data". When you choose the command, after confirming, a new object is installed in your object database.

It saves a bunch of steps. No need to download something via FTP or HTTP, locate it in the Finder, unstuff it, and 2click on it. There are also no files to clean up when its done. It's safe, it's fun, and it saves trouble.

I asked for a browser feature to support this, and one of the major browser makers has implemented it. It'll be part of the next release of the browser. Unfortunately I can't say more publicly until the browser ships.

They're fat!

These special pages are called Fat Pages. If you want to see what one looks like, visit a random page on the Samples Website and view source. When the feature is released the docs and tools to create fat pages (which are already written) will become available.

Are you a graphics wiz?

I'm not a graphics wiz. But I imagine a neat graphic could be done for the concept. Imagine a pregnant web page. One with a little (or big) thing inside of it. A cartoon would be great.

I'm looking for something like the graphics used to indicate compatibility with Netscape or MSIE. To give you some ideas I linked those graphics here.

Imagine a badge saying "This Page is Fat", that linked to a page on that explained what it means for a page to be fat.

If you have the desire...

  1. post the graphic to a website and
  2. send me a pointer.

It'd be great to have a fun graphic to go with this new concept.

Dave Winer

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