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Greg Hartling

Fri, Jan 24, 1997 at 5:13:01 AM

Last night I sat down trying to figure out how your DaveNet website works in Frontier. I'm a newbie. I wanted to put up a small intranet site at the web design firm I work for (with little or no energy wasted on design). I wanted a page where I could put the latest news, without overwriting the previous day's content...

Then I checked MacInTouch and found out about Frontier 4.2. It does this automatically! I downloaded it this morning, and by this evening, I had the whole site built (customizing the colors and text) and running on the Microsoft Personal Web Server. I've even got a script which allows me to put plain old text (instead of a web link) in the News page automatically! My coworkers were VERY impressed.

I haven't been so excited about a product since -- um, well, BBEdit. But Frontier lets me do things I never thought possible. That's power. That's efficiency. And I admire the road you've chosen in giving it away for free.

I've not yet ascended the Frontier learning curve, but even with my admittedly murky understanding of the whole thing, I can do things that would take me ten times as long without Frontier.

I could rave on and on (and have, I guess).

Basically: Thanks.

Gregg Hartling

BTW: I'm a designer with no prior scripting experience.

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