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Leonard Rosenthol on the Future of the TCPCMD

Alan, Dave and I have talked and here are the results...

  • Alan has committed to modifying all the protocol support scripts to support NetEvents as well as TCPCMD.

  • I will break out the RFC date stuff from the TCPCMD so that it can be used in conjuction with NetEvents (or other simpler scripts) that need the date stuff but not all of the TCPCMD.

  • I will be writing an application version of the TCPCMD based on what was going to be the b8 sources (a complete rewrite of the TCP code!), which includes support for many of the things that users have asked for - disk I/O, transparent filters (base64, binhex, macbinary, etc.), PowerPC native, OpenTransport native, etc. This application will be FULLY compatible with the NetEvents AE suite (though I will end up extending it where appropriate to add the needed features), to maintain compatibility and give users a choice!

  • TCPCMD, as a UCMD, will still be supported by Alan and I for those that want an internal/"built-in" set of TCP functionality for Frontier. I plan to roll as much of the new application functionality into the UCMD as is technically possible.

I hope that helps people get a feel for what the future of TCPCMD is, and how it relates to NetEvents.


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