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Pamela McAllister


I've spent all day playing with Frontier 4.2 and I'm blown away. I had downloaded previous releases, but hadn't been able to get into them because they seemed to crash a lot and the documentation seemed cryptic (I'm not a trained programmer). But today the light bulb went on!

I'm webmaster for a nonprofit organization, and our site is several hundred files and growing. BBEdit and NetCloak have helped me keep things under control, but once I get it into Frontier I'll be in fat city. Your web site building tools are astonishing. Relative links, site outlines, macros ... YES! I'm going to tell every Mac-using webmaster I know about this.

Making your sites' source available for download is extremely helpful. Examples are some of the best documentation you can provide.

Thank you for providing such an elegant and powerful tool.

Pamela McAllister
People for Puget Sound

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