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Preston Holmes on the ODBC UCMD

One thing the Mac has never been a real star at is large database connectivity.

No More!

Thanks to Stephen Tallent we now have a UCMD connect to most large databases (Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, etc) to Frontier.

Some highlights:

The extension takes care of managing differences between 68K and PPC datasources.

The extension keeps connections to the DBMS open for blazing performance.

You can have multiple connections to different databases open at the same time.

Data can be returned in three different formats: lists, tables, or text.

This has been found to be very robust and stable on several test machines but is still beta until it gets some burn in from more environments. There are still some problems with the Butler 68K driver that are being worked out but has been stable with all other drivers tested.

If you don't have the runtime ODBC components you can get them from the SDK:

For a real quick intro to SQL check out:

Preston Holmes,
Stephen Tallent,

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