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How the University of Wisconsin uses Frontier

Timothy Paustian,, writes:

We had an idea at UW-Madison. We wanted to build a web site to supplement the numerous classes we teach to 300 majors and hundreds of non-majors in the Bacteriology department. Our biggest problem was coordinating content for the site from 6 people. Frontier helped us solve that problem. Many of the authors are casual computer users and the Frontier web tools allow them to concentrate on content and not the mechanics of getting the page on the server.

One author was a Pagemill user - note the past tense. Another insisted on using Frontpage on the PC and FTPing the files, he now uses Frontier on the Mac. A few days ago I helped a 7th author put about 20 pages on the web site. She realized she had made a mistake in the footer for the site and groaned that she needed to go back to Frontpage and edit every page. I offered to help with Frontier. In the span of 15 minutes, we imported the site into Frontier, fixed the footer in all the pages, repaired some bad links, got her image map to work, gave all the pages a consistant look using a template, and loaded it all on the server. Her jaw was on the floor. She now uses Frontier.

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