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Frontier website on

Please Register Your Site

If you manage a website with Frontier, or run CGI scripts written in Frontier, please register your site so other developers can learn from your work.

We're most interested in large sites that change frequently and support multiple authors using a variety of page-writing tools. Interesting CGI applications. Or powerful uses of templates and macros. Great HTML, JavaScript or Java hacks or elegant techniques. (Same thing!)

It may make sense to do a page that takes people on a tour of your site, pointing out the interesting Frontier-related techniques. If you do a separate page, please point to that page from your entry.

Mail address: (e.g.

URL: (e.g.

Comments: (e.g. I use Frontier to build this website.)

Watch the Guestbook page for new entries. I've compiled a graphic page of Cooooler Frontier Sites from this list. Use the BBS to share techniques and to point at specific pages. The discussion starts with message 246.

Also: Please include the Scripted with Frontier graphic on your site. See How to Wear the Frontier Logo for details. Thanks!


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