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NewsPage Change Notes

This page explains new features and fixes for the NewsPage package.

Download and how to install

You can download the current version of NewsPage from:

To install, double-click on each of the Frontier files and click on OK to all confirmation dialogs.

Thu, Feb 13, 1997 at 6:31:44 AM by DW

Thanks to Bruce Giles for providing the detailed list of needed NewsPage fixes.

  • Bruce asks: "There's an Open Links Page and a Build Links Page, but no corresponding Add Links Page. Since the docs don't mention the links page, I'm curious, how is the Links page supposed to differ from the News page (which primarily contains links anyway)?"

    The Links page is intended for permanent links to sites that you maintain or that your users need to access frequently. It's intended to be a relatively static page, where your News page (the home page) is very dynamic, changing every day. Watch my system page as it evolves for ideas of what you can put on your Links page.

  • Building the mail messages pages. Added code that builds each mail message after you add it. This automatically creates the folder containing the mail messages. If you want to tweak the look of a mail message after its been built, open the message window and choose Release Rendered Page from the Web menu.

  • Added Website Folder command to the Open sub-menu. Brings the Finder to the front and opens the folder that your website is stored in. It's useful for checking to see if the files you need are there.

  • Changed the All Pages command in the Build sub-menu to also build all the text objects in the messages table.

  • Open sub-menu, Download Page command: incorrectly opened Changed it to open user.newsPage.downloads.

  • Same fix for the Build Download Page command.

  • Open sub-menu, Mail Page command: incorrectly opened user.newsPage.mail.default. Changed it to open user.newsPage.mail.

  • Same fix for Build Mail Page command.

  • If your system uses "index.html" as the default file in your website, here's what you do...
    1. Open the Quick Script window, cmd-semicolon.

    2. Enter the following one-line script: user.html.prefs.defaultFileName = "index".

    3. Press the Enter key to run the script.

    4. Cmd-J to user.newsPage.default. Change the name of this cell to index by selecting its name, typing index and pressing Enter.

    5. Cmd-S to save your changes.

    I modified the commands in the NewsPage menu to respect the defaultFileName preference.

  • Changed the Set Up command -- when it creates a new user.newsPage table it changes the name of default to the name specified in user.html.prefs.defaultFileName.

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